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For you or you, for anyone who does not like to overpay for advertisements, for those who like to advertise and advertise, for those who are looking for bargains, for those who like fast and safe shopping, for those who are looking for a specialist or specialist for renovation and construction works, for those who are looking for job or employee offers, for those who are looking to buy a car, real estate, unused things from home, garage, basement, plot. For those who are looking for accommodation and holiday offers. For those who have something to give someone for free. For everyone who needs something, somewhere or something :) For you and me!
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Welcome to XIO

It is your new service of free and cheap advertisements on the Internet. What ad will you post on xio.pl today?


We invite you to cooperate with the xio.pl website through a dedicated WebAPI module that will allow for even more, faster and cheaper.

XIO - mobile application

For our users, we have prepared a free, fast and simple application for adding and viewing ads on the xio.pl website

3 free ads for everyone

Promotion: 3 free ads ... no matter what section or category, for each new user. Add your 3 free classified ads today.



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